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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Automatic Identification Track and Trace

Improve reagent barcode read rates and enable both 1-D and 2-D code reading

Vial Identification Track and Trace Barcodes

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Modern diagnostics laboratories need to track every sample to ensure tests are linked to the correct patient. Ensuring process quality is critical to laboratory efficiency. Laboratories demand higher 1-D reagent barcode read rates, and when they transition to serialization with 2-D codes for tracking and tracing samples, they will require solutions that are fast, reliable and easy to set up.

Healthcare and laboratory automation logistics

Automated IVD installations rely on sophisticated logistical workflows to process large batches of samples accurately and efficiently. Laboratories are looking to employ the same technologies that have proven successful in modern distribution and fulfillment centers for track and trace applications.

Trusted DataMan image-based barcode readers

Life science companies rely on barcodes and serialization strategies to more effectively track samples throughout the supply chain. Just as distribution centers and factories use Cognex DataMan image-based barcode readers to accurately read codes, automated laboratories look to DataMan products to reliably read the 1-D, 2-D and OCR codes located on individual samples and batches. DataMan image-based barcode readers support a wide range of symbologies and, while 2-D codes are still emerging in the life science industry, DataMan barcode readers can be quickly and cost-effectively upgraded to read 2-D matrix codes when the need arises.

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