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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Liquid Level Measurement

Machine vision systems measure fill levels in liquid handling devices

Cognex Liquid Level Measurement for Medical Vials

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In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) laboratory automation systems require 100% effective liquid handling functionality. In these systems, validating the volume of liquid is often critical to knowing the system is operating properly and ensuring the quality of the test result.

Machine vision provides greater robustness for automated IVD processes

The correct liquid level of blood or other body liquids is crucial for a robust performance of the subsequent chemical analysis making sure that sufficient sample liquid is available. The sample may contain different phases (e.g. blood after centrifugation) where the thickness of the different layers is important for the chemical analysis (buffy coat).

To ascertain a reliable result, chemical analysis requires a certain amount of sample. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that there is sufficient blood or body fluid available for testing. Also, after a blood sample has been centrifuged, the resulting phases (plasma, buffy coat and red blood cells), often need to be measured to ensure an effective separation and the availability of enough sample.  

Cognex OEM solutions for your IVD Instruments

Cognex Advantage Engine vision systems are able to reliably perform liquid level measurement because they have no moving parts or sensors that can wear out or fail. Machine vision is able to find the meniscus in a vial or the edge of liquid in a capillary tube even when measuring very small amounts. Outside a vessel, the measurement of the size of droplets or a liquid spot can aid in correlating the results of a test procedure. Machine vision systems can even measure the different levels of the separated phases of centrifuged blood and the thickness of the buffy coat.

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